What do you get when you combine deep technical programming knowledge with the strategic skills of a process designer, and a knack for maximizing client outcomes?

I’m André, an Outsystems Developer

As an expert OutSystems developer, I serve as a strategic consultant to clients on matters of technical risks, innovation, and systems integration. I have a keen eye for translating client needs into architecture and creating functional, custom-fit solutions. I am accurate, fast, an agile thinker, and a creative solver of complex problems.

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Business Knowledge

  • Finance:
    FOREX Market, Futures Market, CFD Market, SAFT-PT File Generation (Portuguese Law), PHC Software (ERP)
  • Health:
    Dental Clinics, Radiology, Hospital, Scheduling Management Systems, Psychotherapy & Psychiatry Clinics
  • Banking:
    Market Room, Trading
  • Utilities:
    Electricity, Billing, Gas
  • Payments:
    Electronic Invoice Generation, PS2 Fileto Bank Systems
  • Public sector:
    Portuguese Ministry of Foreign Affairs,National Utilities

My technical knowledge

  • Operating systems: Windows, Android
  • Databases: MySQL, Microsoft sql server, Oracle, Microsoft Access
  • Programming languages: Java, OutSystems, .NET (C#, ASP.NET), PHP, Javascript, HTML5
  • Methodologies: Agile, SCRUM, KABAN, UML
  • Frameworks: Jquery, Bootstrap, AJAX, REST, Web Services, .NET
  • Tools: OutSystems Development Environment, Visual Studio, Microsoft® SQL Server® Management Studio

Customized technology solutions

My clients like technology. The problem is that building a complete operational system can be expensive. Challenges include high data volume, complex mathematics that drive the analytical calculations, and the need to develop clear and actionable dashboards. I have solutions and expertise to create a custom-built solution that meets my client’s critical business needs, strategic goals, and budget.

Systems integration

When systems are seamlessly integrated, my clients get the benefit of improed process flow, better efficiency, fewer mistakevs, and greater employee satisfaction. I eliminate bottlenecks, and replace poorly controlled paper and Excel files with agile workflows and web applications.

Optimizing solutions

Sometimes, your technology does not work quite the way you had hoped it would. I understand that technology platform fixes and re-builds can be disruptive. I maximize your investment by understanding the needs of those who use the system today, suggesting strategic solutions that will future-proof your systems, and training the users on getting the most out of the tools.